Features & Facilities

The maintenance and operation of all structures and systems on MEX strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the Malaysia Highway Authority (MHA). Guard rails, serving as safety barriers, are installed along medians and embankment verges exceeding three meters in height, as well as across all elevated structures. In compliance with Department of the Environment regulations, noise barriers are strategically positioned as MEX traverses built-up and residential regions.

MEX is illuminated along its entire length, providing heightened driving comfort and safety during nighttime travels. Highmast lighting is strategically positioned at interchanges, toll plaza, and Rest and Service Areas. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, MEX is landscaped with roadside plantings on both sides of the highways, excluding elevated sections. Additionally, landscaping is carried out at interchanges where sufficient land is available, toll plazas, and, Rest and Service Areas.

MEX’s features and facilities include:

1. Safety and Maintenance
2. Traffic Control Surveillance Centre (TCSC)
3. MEX Traffic
4. Auxilliary Police Unit
5. Toll Operations
6. Real-time Traffic Information
7. Rest and Service Area (RSA) and Laybys

Featuring a range of facilities and essential services, MEX ensures that motorists experience security, comfort, assistance and convenience while using the Expressway.