flood Aid Relief Mission 2021

The heavy rain during the monsoon season that hit the country last month had disrupted the mobility of eight states, claimed lives and affected livelihoods of people with unexpected floods occurring in the states in the West Coast of Malaysia.


Therefore, from 22-30 December 2021, a group of volunteers from Maju Expressway Sdn Bhd, lent their hands to help 16 MEX employees who were affected by the floods by cleaning up the post-flood areas near their houses.


Among locations assisted by MEX volunteers were those in Labohan Dagang Banting, Dengkil, Hulu Langat and also in Puchong. MEX volunteers also handed out some daily necessities, electrical goods and food.


The objective of the Flood Relief Mission was to alleviate the burdens affecting MEX staff hit by the floods and to foster a spirit of mutual help in the context of volunteerism.