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Chief Executive Officer

TUAN HAJI HALIMI BIN TAN SRI IBRAHIM assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maju Expressway Sdn Bhd (MESB) on 1st September 2022. He began his professional career as an Institutional Dealer and later transitioned into Investment Banking. In 1994, he ventured into entrepreneurship and successfully establishing and managing companies spanning various sectors, including finance and asset management. Notably, he played a key role as a Founding Member Broker of KLOFFE and actively involved in the Property Department. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Management from the University of San Diego, graduating with honors. Prior to his current role, he garnered experience within the Corporate Finance Department at Rakyat Merchant Bank, where he actively involved in restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, as well as other corporate finance operations.

Furthermore, he held positions as the Managing Director at Maju Concrete Industries and the Director of Panji Timur Sdn Bhd, where he played a significant role in the development of Seremban Terminal 1. He was also appointed as the Executive Director at Jernih Matang PGMS Sdn Bhd. During his tenure, he oversaw the development of 50 acres in Kota Damansara, including the construction of 2000 units of apartments, as well as commercial and residential properties.

Additionally, Tuan Haji Halimi played a fundamental role in the development of petroleum product storage facilities in Cilegon, Bantin, Indonesia. His knowledge and expertise were acknowledged by The International Gas Union, leading to his appointment as a committee member on gas storage from 2009 until 2012. During this period, he focused on exploring the potential utilization of underground salt caverns for gas storage. He also contributed to the design concept of ReGas on the Jetty, which was subsequently adopted by Petronas.