Rest And Service Area (RSA) And Laybys

Rest and Service area, also known as RSA, functions as a designated area for travellers to safely stop, rest and access necessary amenities during their journey. At MEX, two Seri Kembangan RSA are situated, one at Kuala Lumpur (north) bound and another at Putrajaya (south) bound.

With its appealing landscape and well-maintained facilities, each RSA features a well-ventilated building connected by a covered walkway to amenities that include food and beverage outlets, convenience stalls, restrooms and praying rooms (surau). The building itself displays indigenous architecture reminiscent of a Malay kampung house, reinforcing the ambience of the Malay traditional custom, complemented by the presence of trees and shrubs in open spaces and parking bays.

Laybys are also provided for travellers driving along MEX. The laybys, designated by MEX, offer a safe alternative for brief stops off the main highway without obstructing the flow of traffic. They are strategically located at each toll plazas, namely Seri Kembangan Layby, Salak Selatan Layby, and Putrajaya Laybys. Laybys at MEX also include food and beverage vending machines, restrooms and praying rooms (surau).