Auxiliary Police Unit

The Auxiliary Police Unit (APU) provides round-the-clock dedicated security enforcement and crime-prevention service along MEX alignment, toll plazas and Rest and Service (RSA) areas. APU is tasked with ensuring public safety and responding to incidents on the road.

Hence, the unit’s main responsibilities include: -

  1. Providing 24/7 surveillance along the MEX alignment, toll plazas and RSA areas.
  2. Inspecting and reporting any anomalies to Traffic Control Service Centre (TCSC).
  3. Examining work permits for any road activities along MEX alignment.

To enhance their credibility, the Auxiliary Police Unit underwent six-months of intensive training from the Royal Malaysia police before being accredited as certified Auxiliary Police.   The establishment of this dedicated Auxiliary Police Unit reflects MEX’s highest commitment to ensuring safe and comfort for MEX users.